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Topband: 11 Things

Subject: Topband: 11 Things
From: Charles Bibb <>
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2010 10:55:34 -0500
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Hi, All

While listening to the noise on 160, waiting for any hint of 
propagation with the YI9 DXpedition, I used the time to compose a 
list of 11 things I have learned over the years about Topband  DXing:

1.)  Pay no attention to the juicy DX cluster spots from VE1ZZ.  You 
won't be able to hear them, much less work them.

2.)  Staying up 'till 3 AM is easier than getting out of bed at 3 AM.

3.)  "Walking a Beverage" in your pajamas at 1 AM is a warning sign 
of mental illness.

4.)  Ferrite is your friend.

5.)  The local power company can't even spell "line noise".

6.)  Whoever invented the "plasma" TV should be buried alive.

7.)  Thunderstorms are still the best indicators of outstanding 
Topband conditions. When a storm puts you off the air, you can be sure the

band is in great shape.

8.)  "Searchlight" propagation always shines on the other guy.

9.)  A good sunrise peak is a near-religious experience.

10.)  If you whale on the base of a utility pole with a sledgehammer 
to "wink out" a noisy streetlight, your neighbors will call the cops.

11.)  If you can't deal with disappointment, stay off Topband.

Can you relate to any (all?) of these?  I've posted them on my QRZ page also.

Charles - K5ZK

UR RST IS ... ... ..9 QSB QSB - hw? BK

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