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Re: Topband: your opinions (N7DF)

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Subject: Re: Topband: your opinions (N7DF)
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Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2010 08:40:30 -0400
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I note that N7DF QTH is very close to high mountains to his northeast and east. 
I wonder the results of very long angle antennas to dx (EU) in that direction?

73 Pete W2PM

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On Jul 18, 2010, at 3:29 PM, "Craig Clark" <> wrote:

> If you had 20,000 acres of clear, level?land available and a couple of
> thousand dollars to spend from selling some old equipment, what type of 160
> meter receiving antennas would you build?
> ?
> 73
> Larry
> N7DF
> Larry
> Location is everything and what may work best for me, may not be your best
> choice. Will this land be isolated? Are the animals roaming, deer elk,
> bison, cows? Could humans on horses traverse the land(big potential
> problem?) Hunters? 
> First of all, I, like the US Air Force used to do with their SAC SSB
> stations, would locate my receiving antennas as far away from my
> transmitting antenna as possible. Tom W8JI has good information about this
> idea on his website. 
> For my dream NH station, I'd start with either four single wire one
> wavelength Beverages NE, SE, SW and NW or two bi-directional antennas
> pointed in the same direction. Next two to add would be N-S although we may
> not have the Polar conditions we have had the last few years and they may
> not be that helpful. 
> In a discussion with K3LR about what is the "best" receiving antenna, Tim
> emphasized the need for alternatives as one type of antenna may not always
> be the best choice for given conditions. I'd consider K7TJR's four square
> receiving array (Hi-Z antennas) and a K9AY array as additional choices.
> FWIW, with money and land as no object, I'd build a directional transmitting
> array. 
> Just some random thoughts on a lazy Sunday afternoon while I hide in the
> cellar.
> Craig
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