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Topband: Cushcraft MA160 Vertical questions

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Subject: Topband: Cushcraft MA160 Vertical questions
From: "\(N0AH\) Bryon \"Paul\" Veal" <>
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Date: Sun, 31 Oct 2010 22:07:27 -0600
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Just set the antenna up this week.  Can see it at under home call 

Questions for those who have one.

1.  SWR started at 1:1 without radial of course and now with it tied into 
Cushcraft 40/80 vertical 60 feet away of 50 underground radials, 20-60 feet 
long, and 8 additional radials ranging from 20-80 feet, on the MA160V..... SWR 
is now at 1.8:1.  Has anyone experienced a significantly higher SWR at 
resonance with a good radial field indicating the true impedence mismatch of 
coax to antenna?  I’m glad to see our’s rise but was wondering on this antenna, 
where it might max out- Planning to use an UnUn to match it as we add more 
radials if needed- My old inv. L went as high as from 1:1 to 5:1 when we got 
120 radials under it- 

2.  We are averaging S-9 noise both during the day and at night, expected but 
wanting to know if others using it also have a higher ambient noise level- 
Since the antenna is resonant on band, expect the noise level but wondering if 
our RF environment is over the average in noise-  We live in the suburbs and 
most of the bands are actually pretty quiet on noise level- so this seems 
pretty high- We have a electric transformer near the antenna just in a box on 
the corner of the lot near the antenna but Excel Energy came out and tested it 
for possible RFI and it was clean- 

3.  Does anyone use the DX Engineering RX antenna array for the low bands on a 
typical suburb lot for RX with this antenna.  If not, what are you using for a 
small lot for 160M?  We are using a Alpha Delta B 30-160M sloper which is a lot 
quiter but even with the high noise of the MA160V, it is hearing much more D in 
the noise- so we are looking for an alternative 160M listening system but the 
DX Engineering array seems very expensive- yet we don’t have room for much 
else- Any suggestions?

Thx for any tips.  We heard several EU’s during the CQWWSSB....was fun! You can 
see the antenna installed at under n0ah. 

73 es TU for any responses- 

Paul  N0AH
Anna  W0ANT
UR RST IS ... ... ..9 QSB QSB - hw? BK
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