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Topband: Fw: Low band RX antenna question de N0AH

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Subject: Topband: Fw: Low band RX antenna question de N0AH
From: "Bryon PAUL Veal n0ah" <>
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 2010 12:38:04 -0700
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Dan sent me this email after I had just ordered the ICE 196.  I’ll be going 
this route- thx everyone for you responses- I don’t think 100 watts will blow 
out the Pro III rx from what I have heard, but all suggestions about this come 
with:  But, I would still protect the rx cicuit.........hihi 

73  Paul

From: Radiodan-W7RF 
Sent: Monday, November 08, 2010 5:45 PM
Subject: Re: Low band RX antenna question de N0AH

Hi Paul,

I fully agree.

I have developed a product to remove the RX antenna (both center conductor and 
ground) from the radio and substitute a 50 ohm resistor across the RX antenna 
terminals during transmit.
Basically, my box has an RX ant in and RX ant out terminals (RCA), two more RCA 
connectors for the PTT to your amp (amp keying from radio, amp keying to amp) 
and requires 12 vdc to operate the internal relay switching.
See attached pic.
RAP-1 $44.95 plus ship.
RCA cable $4 each (RCA male-male 5 feet long, I suggest 2, 1 for RX from box to 
radio and 1 for amp keying to amp) or you can make up your own.

This exact cuircuit saved my PRO2 and PRO3 from transmit energy pickup off of 
my K9AY RX antenna.

To Order, use our secure orderform  <> 

Regards, Dan Magro W7RF
Multiple power ranges from ONE Bird element, ask me how!
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