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Topband: Inverted L

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Subject: Topband: Inverted L
From: "Michael Kincaid" <>
Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2010 16:11:30 -0600
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Have built an inverted L based on info derived from this list. The 128' 14ga
solid copper plastic coated wire is installed on a 45' oak tree. Had to use
elevated radials at 8' high. Only able to install 7 of them. Feed point is
also 8' high mounted to the tree. The vertical part is about 42' high and
bowed from the trunk about 5' hung up in several branches. Horizontal part
is about 40' high and 86' long. Fed with RG-213 at 60' length to Antenna
Tuner (Nye-Viking MB-V-A). I can get SWR down to about 1.8:1 with the tuner.
MFJ 249 shows 2:1 resonance at 2.325Mhz. Is it possible to get the feedpoint
Z closer to 50 Ohms. I tried adding length to the horizontal section but MFJ
still showed above 2Mhz. UnUn or variable cap make a difference? The
receiving difference on 160M using the 265' Carolina Windom vs Inv L is
sever S units. Inv L is much quieter. Sorry for the BW but after weeks of
tinkering I'm perplexed.

Mike - W7FKF



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