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Re: Topband: Vertical vs yagi

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Subject: Re: Topband: Vertical vs yagi
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Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2012 15:53:34 -0500
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FWIW I get well over 20dB side nulls from a 2el Cushcraft clone and about 
15-20dB off the rear which varies by arrival angles.

With a pair stacked the rejection is often better and beinng able to 
upper/lower/both is often an eye opener.

I never had good results with a pair of verticals on 40 but they are killers 
on 160 and the feed is simple coax. IMO if you have good receiving antennas 
on 160/80 there is no benefit in spending extra for a fancy switching box 
for just 2 antennas which "may" get you another 5dB in F/B.


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> On 2/14/2012 10:32 AM, Josep Torres wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I would like to hear from people that have tried or compared a 2-3 
>> element vertical array vs a 2 element yagi for 40m. I don't have a yagi, 
>> but I can maybe put a 2(3) element vertical array. At moment, I only have 
>> a 1/4wvl dipole at 14m high. I want to improve my setup for that band.
>> Sorry for the post because this is much devoted to 160, but I know many 
>> guys here have tested many antenna configurations, so maybe I can have a 
>> response. Thanks very much..
>> Josep
>> EA6BF
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> Hi, Josep:
> Given the simplicity and minimal expense, the 2 element vertical
> performs well.
> Before being able to afford the Comtek 4-square phasing system last year
> I had a 2-element 40-meter array up and in use for about 5 years. It was
> a simple system using coax phasing lines (Christman feed, if I recall
> correctly) and, even in light of some of the negative comments about
> this system, it worked very well for me.
> In my location (northern Nevada) the most useful aspect of the antenna,
> with the elements oriented at 75/255 degrees, was the ability to
> substantially null east coast QRM when working DX from The Pacific and
> Asia. My null, based on repeated observations, was, at a *minimum*,
> 20db. I don't believe you'll do that with a 2-element yagi!
> I have 40 quarter-wave radials, on the ground with poor soil, and that
> likely contributes to performance. The elements were (and still are)
> 1-3/4-inch diameter aluminum camouflage support tubes which are readily
> available in my area. They are easy to erect and are guyed, four ways,
> with light Dacron line at the 28-foot level.
> I did consider adding a third, in-line, element but it's just one of
> those things I never got around to and by the time I retired I had the
> 4-square in place. In retrospect it may have been a better idea to do
> the third element at a right-angle to the 2-element array to allow 4
> directions with 3 elements. The coax phasing system is still useful with
> one vertical common and the unused vertical simply switched and floating
> to isolate it from the active elements.
> Good luck!
> -- 
> Jack, W6NF
> Silver Springs, NV
> DM09ji
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