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Re: Topband: VE3DO Loop

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Subject: Re: Topband: VE3DO Loop
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Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2013 14:08:16 -0600
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W8JI said:

...(we probably all know) elongated loops are not really loops in function. 
They are really phased verticals, and the horizontal part or component of the 
conductors is simply a phasing line. K9AY's, Flags, Pennants, EWE's, and other 
forms of elongated loops are really all just phased verticals in function. 


Not so. Time to put this misconception to rest.

Read my description of K9AY Loop operation in the most recent ARRL Antenna Book 
and review the description of a DF loop with sense antenna in that, or earlier 
antenna books. 

I have never been able to achieve the same pattern as the loop using 
close-spaced elements in a phased array. However, a model using a small loop in 
combination with a nearby short vertical does indeed result in the same 
pattern. (Feed them with equal currents and 90 deg. phase shift.)

Magnetic lines of force from an arriving wavefront MUST induce currents in a 
loop. You can't ignore them and assume that the vertical end portions are the 
only place energy is captured.

73, Gary

Topband Reflector

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