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Topband: The guy who Sells AIM Products Responds

Subject: Topband: The guy who Sells AIM Products Responds
From: Jay Terleski <>
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2014 12:36:50 -0600
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"The VNWA 3E was about to get a glowing review in QST a few years ago, but
the guy who sells the AIM products queered it by threatening a patent
fight." Jim Brown

Lets set this record straight.  Jan over at SDR kits is a friend, and I met
with him in Germany as well as Dr. Baier. He and I agreed that the patent
is possibly infringed in the USA that Bob Clunn developed and his SDR Kit
business is not really wanting to get much bigger so doing any advertising
in the USA or even the QST review was moot. He really doesn't want to
infringe with his hobby business and counts USA sales as being very very

So we agreed to be low key and not hurt each other or ourselves in
business. These are nice people and I look forward to meeting them again in
Germany this year.

I have copied Jan at SDR Kits so he is aware of this exchange

As an added perk to the Top Banders I would like to offer 10% discount on
the AIM 4170 which should help in soothing any wrong impressions. Just call
us and mention Top Band Reflector, offer good until March 15.

Jay Terleski
Array Solutions
214 954 7140
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