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Re: Topband: AM broadcast tower and 160m dxpedition

Subject: Re: Topband: AM broadcast tower and 160m dxpedition
From: "Gary Smith" <>
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2014 17:09:12 -0500
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My Inv-L is on a salt marsh on Long Island Sound in Connecticut & I 
ran two bidirectional 860' beverages over the salt marsh. I had 
terrible results with the beverages, very noisy and hardly any 
improvement over the Inv-L, much of the time the Inv-L was more 
effective on Rx. With that, my experience of beverages & salt marshes 
says to avoid this route. 

I ended up with a HI-Z Triangular array for Rx and it works very well 
at the same location.


> No, I don't believe 240' is too high - especially if the tower has a base
> insulator!  It would be so close to 1/2 wave on 160, that it could be fed
> very well as a 1/2 wave radiator on 160, either via a parallel tuned tank or
> a 1/4 wave of perhaps 450 oh ladder line. A 1/2 wave radiator wis an
> excellent transmit antenna, and, because of the high feed-point impedance
> can be driven against a very modest ground arrangement
> Like you, though, I believe they would do well to put up some terminated
> loops, or perhaps a Beverage (or 3?) for receive antennas! A 240' vertical
> would, I think,  be a VERY noisy receive antenna. If they put up a KAZ
> terminated loop that only requires one overhead support, they could steer it
> around with ropes and weights on the ground. The KAZ is like ON4UN's FO0AAA
> 160 receive loop.
> 73,
> Charlie, K4OTV
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> Congratulations on your adventure.
> In the past, I have seen some of these AM tower efforts
> ruined by lousy receive conditions.  I suggest you
> get an advance team out to the site to check
> out the noise level etc. and maybe put up some
> temporary beverages, loops, whatever and LISTEN
> on them.  Use WWV and WWVH on 2.5 MHz as a beacon.
> Others can comment on whether 240 feet is too high.
> Rick N6RK
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