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Not sure that I can picture just what you are describing, Paul. Even though, I wasn't born until 1944, I've explored just about every type of antenna and I've modeled an awful lot of them.

See the image in the link below:

After rotating the image in your browser, note that the feed to the horizontal hat is fanned to form the vertical radiator. What looks like a complex antenna is nothing more than the classic T but with the horizontal hat spread out across six conductors. This was a very popular antenna during the spark-gap era.

The inverted L form of this antenna simply moved the center fan off to one side. This was typically done on smaller city lots as only one additional support was needed if you had a multi-story home. Both forms show up regularly on the pages of QST prior to about 1925.

The famous 9ZN antenna was installed on the property of the Edgewater Beach Hotel in Chicago. After college, I lived across the street from the hotel when I was working for RKO Radio back in the mid '80s. What you see is really just a super wide conductor for the vertical radiator. This was not commonly used. The impact of the station was probably not so much from the vertical radiator as it was from attention paid to the extensive ground system. Here's a photo of the 9ZN antenna and ham shack taken around 1920. This is exactly where the Zenith brand began.

One of the more impressive antennas in the early '20s was that designed for 1BCG for the transatlantic tests. That antenna used a circular counterpoise as an elevated ground system. The vertical extends straight up from the shack roof. W2PA has assembled a nice page of information about the station and its operators.

Paul, W9AC

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