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Re: Topband: topband report from 4V1JR

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Subject: Re: Topband: topband report from 4V1JR
From: Jim Brown <>
Date: Sat, 06 Dec 2014 23:11:09 -0800
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H Dale,

Perhaps I did. And perhaps you misread my comments, which were directed more to others who might be planning DX trips than to you. I see many such comments -- we encountered noise and were not prepared, so we didn't work nearly as much as we had hoped.

Perhaps you also missed my offer to help. Although I'm a decent op, I'm an old fart, not in great physical shape, so you probably don't want me on your team onsite under difficult conditions, but I'm quite willing to help in a support role. RF noise suppression is one of the things I have worked on. A few years ago, I supported AA7JV with a bunch of suppression cores, which he found useful.

73, Jim K9YC

On Sat,12/6/2014 5:31 PM, DALE LONG wrote:

Perhaps you somehow misread things.  We were prepared with multiple RX 
antennas, preamplifiers, multiple transmit antennas tribanders. flooded RG6 , 
remote switching and lots of coax...but because of Haiti difficulties (of which 
there are many) our tower was not in place and our container did not arrive.  
This caused a last minute change and HH2JR was very kind and offered us the use 
of his nice station.  We are all indebted to him (again since he was the hero 
in the Haitian earthquake)

I would note that in the past year I have on several occasions invited folks on 
this reflector to join me for a dedicated topband dxpedition to Haiti.  Noone 
was available.  Traveling alone I carried radio, amplifier and supplies for 
both ham radio and our work project. Without doubt I could have used help.  But 
the RX problem was not due to lack of planning. It was due to the change to a 
city lot QTH. Without the kindness of HH2JR there would have been zero topband 
QSOs and very few contacts on high bands.  I know the need is great and people 
were disappointed but we worked many of our contest friends on 6 bands. Its OK 
to note that we failed to meet the need. We know that and we know we had 
serious QRN issues.  The alternative was not to operate at all

I was aware before the contest that we would be unable to work EU. I expected 
10-12 stations in the Caribbean. In the end we worked more than that, we worked 
180 stations through the noise.  During the CQ contest we prioritized 160 over 
other bands.

We again invite interested topbanders to help plan a future 160m dxpedition to 
Haiti that is not part of a contest.

The purpose for my earlier Email (which I now wish I had not sent)  was to ask 
if our friends in EU if they heard us and how was our signal. That is all I 
wanted to know.

And I apologize for busting our callsign, and other mistakes that I may have 
made.  I am still recovering from an extremely difficult and very stressful 
trip. My apologies to all.

Vy 73

Dale - N3BNA

P.S. I appreciate your offer of assistance and will let you know if we need 
anything.  At this time we need operators to go in a non-contest dxpedition 
sometime in the future.  With lots of planning.

  From: Jim Brown <>
Sent: Saturday, December 6, 2014 4:11 AM
Subject: Re: Topband: topband report from 4V1JB
On Sat,12/6/2014 12:56 AM, Jan Erik Holm wrote:
Wow 20 over 9 noise floor, if I had known I never
would have called you, waist of power and time.
Any team that goes to a location, whatever it, is, unprepared to address
local noise issues is incompetent and ill prepared. I'm willing to help,
but that's part of planning for any such effort. It's at least as
important as what radios you bring and what antennas you plan to use.

73, Jim K9YC
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