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Re: Topband: Unknown Pulse Signal Wiping out 1900-1925 kHz

Subject: Re: Topband: Unknown Pulse Signal Wiping out 1900-1925 kHz
Date: Sun, 7 Dec 2014 18:10:08 -0500 (EST)
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20 dB over S9 from the northeast direction from Maryland 

This definitely is not a low power transmitter! 


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Sent: Sunday, December 7, 2014 9:38:34 PM 
Subject: Re: Topband: Unknown Pulse Signal Wiping out 1900-1925 kHz 

Very strong in the mid-Atlantic region also. Sawtooth sweep of a signal. 

Gary Mitchelson 
NC3Z Davidsonville, MD FM18 
NC3Z/4 Pamlico County, NC FM15 

On 12/7/2014 3:55 PM, Donald Chester wrote: 
> Kind of a pulsating buzzing sound, centred around 1915, but audible down to 
> slightly below 1900 and up to approximately 1925. At its centre frequency 
> last night (Saturday), it was just as strong as any CW contest signal. 
> It was particularly loud (S9 + 30) in the Northeast and ops with 
> beverage antennas are reporting that it appears to be coming over the horizon 
> in a south easterly direction, while others say it is possibly coming from 
> Europe or 
> Polar Russia. Whether this is a harmonic, a spur or something coming from an 
> intentional radiator, it has made regular QSO operation between 1900 and 1930 
> almost unbearable for the past three nights now. 
> All the more reason to hope that the FCC goes ahead and adopts their 
> proposed reallocation of 1900-2000 to delete sharing with radiolocation and 
> to restore amateurs to primary status. Although many 160m 
> ops seemed to blow off this NPRM while the comment period was still open as 
> if it were much ado about nothing, a few of us maintained that it was of 
> utmost 
> importance for the amateur community to flood the Commission with comments 
> supporting their 
> proposal. 
> Although GPS has pretty much killed 160m radiolocation for the 
> moment, we never know when some new service might attempt to start up in this 
> part of the spectrum under the guise of Radiolocation. That could be what's 
> happening right now. For those only interested in DX and contesting in the 
> bottom end of the band and who sometimes appear not to even consider 
> 1900-2000 as part of the band, still must remember that if some new service 
> were to displace amateurs 
> from the top half, congestion in the 1800-1900 kHz segment (including the DX 
> window) would likely become unbearable. 
> The FCC proposal, if adopted, would protect 
> amateur status in the entire 160m band once and for all, and let's hope it is 
> not already too late. 
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