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Re: Topband: Unknown Pulse Signal Wiping out 1900-1925 kHz

To: Mike Waters <>
Subject: Re: Topband: Unknown Pulse Signal Wiping out 1900-1925 kHz
From: Don Kirk <>
Date: Mon, 8 Dec 2014 07:11:36 -0500
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Hi Mike and gang,
I have been monitoring the signal during the early hours of this morning
and on web SDR in England it was there at 3am EST but when I checked again
at 4:20am EST it was no longer being received.
The heading from my house has been very consistent at approximately 75
degrees but somewhat difficult to determine exactly due to the pulsing
nature of the signal.
Signal still S9 at my location near Indianapolis at 7am EST.
Signal is definitely at a heading greater than 45 degrees at my location
based on numerous methods I have available, and estimated around 75 deg.
As I type the signal just about dropped below my noise level at 7:04am (I
thought it abruptly stopped but it is still there but right at my noise
level at 7:10am EST

I currently only have Internet via cellphone due to a large area outage on
ATT DSL and when I get internet coverage back I will plot my heading to the
signal to see what it shows.

Don wd8dsb

On Monday, December 8, 2014, Mike Waters <> wrote:

> From SW Missouri, heard on my 580' NE Beverage, pulses to S7 (preamp off),
> 1130 UTC (5:30 CST).
> I can hear it from 1.900 to 1.930 on the IC-765's 2.4 kHz LSB filter.
> Switching to AM on 1.915 (over S9), the signal has a rough pulsing tone,
> but I didn't try to measure the tone's frequency.
> @ 1145 UTC, pulses to S4-S6
> Any educated guesses yet about its general geographical location?
> 73, Mike
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