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Topband: 2 direction beverage from RG-6?

Subject: Topband: 2 direction beverage from RG-6?
From: Juha Rantanen <>
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2014 12:13:00 +0200
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After succesfully installing 200m East/West direction beverage made out of
WD1A to OH5Z we want more. When using WD1A there is a known practical
limitation of 200m due to backward attenuation. We have plenty of Commscope
F660BEF direct burial flooded RG-6 coax around and the question is whether
there are such limitations with RG-6 as there is with WD1A? We would like
to install 300+ meters towards US and JA to be able to hear more.

Juha OH6XX
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