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Topband: Confusion in ON4UN's Low Band DXing radiallengthcalculations.

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Subject: Topband: Confusion in ON4UN's Low Band DXing radiallengthcalculations.
Date: Fri, 19 Dec 2014 15:55:57 -0500
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 The on/in ground wire- as RF advances toward the normal 1/4 wave high 
 impedance (/high voltage point)  finds itself tightly coupled to a +- 
 350 ohm typical ground resistance. 'Hogs the voltage right down'
 Many  Shorter radials do not develop enough high voltage, not 
 reaching 1/4 wave. 
 Multiple radials divide the loss like resistors in parallel. lowering 
 the  Q,   lower impedance, with lower voltage, being  pulled down 
 results in less voltage leakage at the far ends. 


On Fri, 19 Dec 2014 12:21:12 -0500, wrote:
 I can’t agree with this “conventional” thinking. Why does a piece 
 of wire magically lose it’s length just because you lay it on the 
 ground? The electrical length changes because of Vf, and it’s 
 resistance changes because of the lossy ground, but it’s still a 
 piece of wire. I’m going to try to attach a posting I did back in 
 2006. If it doesn’t work, I will follow with a separate posting. 
 > Brian K8BHZ
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 > Subject: Re: Topband: Confusion in ON4UN's Low Band DXing radial 
 length calculations. 
 > Radials on the ground do not have a magic length. Worrying about 
 resonance for them is not necessary. 
 > If you tune a quarter wave wire up in the air - then lay it onto 
 the ground - it couples to the ground and is no longer a distinct 
 single piece of wire. Just make them an easy length to deal with and 
 put as many of them down as you can. 
 > Tree N6TR

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