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Topband: Stew Perry TopBand DX Challenge #19 is near

Subject: Topband: Stew Perry TopBand DX Challenge #19 is near
From: Lew Sayre <>
Date: Mon, 22 Dec 2014 12:45:05 -0800
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Hello to All 160 Meter Radio People, Contesters, DXers and others,
     It is but a few days until the starting bell is gonged at the Club
at 15:00Z Dec 27. Please avail yourselves of the pertinent rules and
writings at the web site below. <>
     Read the words carefully and you'll see that The Stew Perry Contest,
by The Boring Amateur Radio Club, is a groundbreaking contest where scores
related to a distance scoring mnemonic along with getting extra points by
you working
a low power or qrp station. Imagine that! The station sweating and
straining the cochleas
to do the heavy lifting will receive extra points for making the Q. If
everyone who plays
sends in a log, no matter how short or seemingly unimportant, then the
final results
 will be even more accurate and true.
     The actual contesters decide which heroic radio feats should be
awarded a plaque.
These Radio Stalwarts have suggested a category and sent in either $60 or
$63 to
spur on the competition in selected categories. You can do the same. There
enough time! Just contact me below at the address listed way below.
    The list of Stalwarts and the Categories:

Donor                    Category
KL7RA                  Top # of QSOs
North Pole Contest We are cogitating
TF4M                     Top Score 160M mobile (must actually be able to
N0TT                      Top Score < 21 years old > 200 QSOs
TF4M                      Longest Distance QSO- 2 plaques
AA6VB                   Top Score,base loaded Vert <60' tall
AA6VB                   Top Score big city >50K, little pistol <100W
KH6LC                    VK-ZL Challenge: Top Score VK-ZL
N5IA                       Most Grids worked
N5IA                      Highest score daylight operation only
K7FL                     Top Score 100% Search/Pounce
NA0Y                    Top Score USA
K6ND                    K6SE Memorial-Top Score World
K1EP                    Top Score by First time Entrant
K2PO                    Top Score,S/O,Low Power, Zone 3
TF3KX                   Aurora Borealis Award- Top Score N of 60 deg N
                            geomagnetic latitude
K7CA                    Top Score China
K7CA                    Top Score Southern Hemisphere
W2GD Team          Top # NA+SA Qs by EU Station
KR2Q                    Golden Log- Top # of Qs with no busts
W7RH                   Top Score Low Power Asia
W5GN                   Closest Score to overall average of Entrants
W0RI                     Top Score Canada
AA0RS                  Top # of Prefixes worked
AA0RS                  S. Hemisphere Station working most USA States
VK6VZ                  VK6HD Memorial- Top Score by N hemisphere
                            station working S hemisphere stations. Winner
                            gets Flying Doctors of VK baseball cap.
Dr. Beldar-L1AR   Top score utilizing temporary antenna. (All parts
           of temporary antenna including radials must be installed after
           Dec. 14, 2014. This antenna must be the only antenna for
           TopBand at the station, and may be left up, because as we
           all know, "temporary" means "until I die".)

     Time remains to get a wire airborne and get on to play this weekend.
Volunteer your time carefully this week before the contest so that your
loved ones will cheerfully suggest that you go to your radio for The Stew
instead of making small talk about Great-Aunt Edith's predilection for
small creatures and the value of cleanliness.
     Those sponsors who haven't yet remembered to send in the check please
remind yourself to do so as we do not wish to activate The Boring Amateur
Radio Club Committee on Collections. The members of this committee all
have funny looking noses and work a code that is different than the Morse
or American that we are used to using.
     There will be another epistle similar to this very close to the
starting time
of The Stew listing the available plaques.
     73 and I remain,
   Lew    w7ew
   The Boring Amateur Radio Club Committee on Communications
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