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Topband: Ground rods

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Subject: Topband: Ground rods
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Date: Fri, 26 Dec 2014 13:27:56 -0500
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 Common thinking:   Long ground rods are not necessary. Then a lot of reasons 
why. Most  biased to a damp  warm climate. 
 When ground rods are necessary, use long ones because:
 In Cold climates- earth freezes 4 or more feet deep.  . Frozen earth has very 
poor conductivity. 
 Need to get the rod well below the frost line. 
 Some warmer climates may have dry periods when the Earth surface dries and 
cracks as happened in California this year. 
 Dry earth typically is less conductive. 
 Yes, the conductivity of earth near the surface can be better, but  oxygen 
levels in the waiter near the surface is also higher.. 
 Ground rod oxidation near the surface is typically higher. so the deeper 
ground portion, of the rod, is more conductive with time. 
 Copper oxide in its final stage is close to being an insulator. 
 ( Earth oxygen levels note: it is not uncommon to dig up objects buried deep 
that have minimal corrosion/aging)
 Note: A battery powered drill and long bit can be used to start a hole in 
frozen earth for a  ground rod. 
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