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Re: [CQ-Contest] The Stew will Commence within 24 hours!

To: Lew Sayre <>
Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] The Stew will Commence within 24 hours!
From: Tony Osman <>
Date: Fri, 26 Dec 2014 17:22:55 -0500
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If you work VE stations, please give serial number as well so your QSO can
count for RAC winter contest.  I will give ON and grid square.



On Friday, December 26, 2014, Lew Sayre <> wrote:

> Salutations to All 160 Meter Movers, Shakers and Oscillators,
>     In a few short hours The Stew Perry Topband DX Extravaganza
> sponsored by The Boring Amateur Radio Club will start. Before you
> engage in this RF funfest  please browse on over to our
> website and read it through a couple of times. It is short but powerful.
>      Listed below are the plaques which may be won by being the
> best in whatever category is specified. Smart, forward thinking,
> good looking Hams are the listed donors who are sponsoring these
> plaques. Next time you see one of these donors please buy them a
> beverage or express your gratitude to them as they are doing good
> work.
> Donor                    Category
> KL7RA                  Top # of QSOs
> North Pole Contest Plaque to be decided by Contest Performance
> TF4M                     Top Score 160M mobile (must actually be able to
> move)
> N0TT                      Top Score < 21 years old > 200 QSOs
> TF4M                      Longest Distance QSO- 2 plaques
> AA6VB                   Top Score,base loaded Vert <60' tall
> AA6VB                   Top Score big city >50K, little pistol <100W
> KH6LC                    VK-ZL Challenge: Top Score VK-ZL
> N5IA                       Most Grids worked
> N5IA                      Highest score daylight operation only
> K7FL                     Top Score 100% Search/Pounce
> NA0Y                    Top Score USA
> K6ND                    K6SE Memorial-Top Score World
> K1EP                    Top Score by First time Entrant
> K2PO                    Top Score,S/O,Low Power, Zone 3
> TF3KX                   Aurora Borealis Award- Top Score N of 60 deg N
>                             geomagnetic latitude
> K7CA                    Top Score China
> K7CA                    Top Score Southern Hemisphere
> W2GD Team          Top # NA+SA Qs by EU Station
> KR2Q                    Golden Log- Top # of Qs with no busts
> W7RH                   Top Score Low Power Asia
> W5GN                   Closest Score to overall average of Entrants
> W0RI                     Top Score Canada
> AA0RS                  Top # of Prefixes worked
> AA0RS                  S. Hemisphere Station working most USA States
> N1LI Long Island     Top Score from IOTA recognized Island
> DX Society
> NA6E Memorial      Plaque to be decided by Contest performance
> N9TF                      Top Score USA wid <100W, wire<100' long, no
>                                higher than 50', using traps or tuner
> KS8M Northern        Top QRP Score
>  Ohio QRP Club
> KS8M Northern         Longest DX by a QRP station
>  Ohio QRP Club
> VK6VZ                  VK6HD Memorial- Top Score by N hemisphere
>                             station working S hemisphere stations. Winner
>                             gets Flying Doctors of VK baseball cap.
> Dr. Beldar-L1AR   Top score utilizing temporary antenna. (All parts
>            of temporary antenna including radials must be installed after
>            Dec. 14, 2014. This antenna must be the only antenna for
>            TopBand at the station, and may be left up, because as we
>            all know, "temporary" means "until I die".)
>      Please exercise your sense of hearing aggressively as there will
> many weak signals throughout the band. Some of these weak signals
> will be from far off DX lands which are active for the contest. Some of
> the weak signals will be from QRP or less stations and some will be
> emanating somehow from loaded rain gutters or abandoned vehicles
> or unterminated feed lines due to operator error. The efficiency of some
> of the 160M antennas in use may be somewhat sub par so exercise
> patience and work to capture the call and grid square. Occasionally
> these weak signals may be coming from an ancient local refrigerator
> or other malfunctioning electronic device in which case you may not
> be able to copy the grid square, or a valid call sign. Do not despair but
> simply put in the log what you copy. We do not, however, have a
> plaque sponsored for "Top Score-worked all Frigidaires". Maybe
> next year...
>      If you have a last moment plaque you'd like to sponsor please let
> me know soon and we can add it to the final final list.
>     The purpose of The Stew Perry TopBand DX Challenge is to exercise
> the 160M band, emulate Stew Perry and to have fun with a bunch of like
> minded people.
> Please join us and give it a try!
>    73 and I remain,
>   Lew   w7ew
> The Boring Amateur Radio Club Committee on Fun
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