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Topband: W0BTU calling off frequency on CW?

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Subject: Topband: W0BTU calling off frequency on CW?
From: Mike Waters <>
Date: Sat, 27 Dec 2014 17:46:59 -0600
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If anyone happens to hear me calling a station way off his TX frequency
--or on top of your run freq(!)-- during the Stew Perry, kindly send me a
quick e-mail telling me so. (And you don't have to be nice about it. :-)
The time, freq, and amount of freq offset would also be appreciated.

I couldn't reproduce this after many tests this afternoon and evening; but
earlier it seemed that my IC-765's CW TX frequency shifted in relation to
the center of the 250 Hz CW filter (or perhaps it was the other way around).

I'm getting ready to finally jump into the SP, and I don't want to
unknowingly QRM anyone. If necessary, I will use my R-4C for every S&P
contact during the rest of the contest --in lieu of transceiving on the
Icom-- to ensure this isn't happening. I DO plan on regular tests with the
R-4C; but since it's so slow that way, I'd rather not do that for every
contact unless it is necessary.

(Of course, if we call a station who is working split, that's different.)

Last week on 20 meters SSB, I had to readjust my PBT for a short time in
order to make RX signals sound right. But they told me I was not off
frequency. My guess is aging trimmer caps in the PLL section, a known
problem in older com rigs. (or Alzheimer's, a known problem in some men my
age. ;-)  Once the transceiver warmed up (like it is now) the problem went

73, Mike
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