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Topband: Fair Contest? It's the STEW PERRY !

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Subject: Topband: Fair Contest? It's the STEW PERRY !
From: "Mike & Coreen Smith VE9AA" <>
Date: Mon, 16 Mar 2015 18:55:53 -0300
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OK, Let's talk fair.


For many years I was pretty much completely off HF (nevermind contesting)
however I've only ever missed a few STEWS..why?

Well, being a long time VHFer, I was amazed that an (ahem) "HF" contest was
actually going to use Maidenhead grid squares for a scoring system.


WOW, that's radically cool.  So, I was instantly sold.  It's a very fair way
to score contests, hopefully putting people everywhere on a (more) level
playing field.  Is there any way to make a contest 100% fair? 

(Well, there is WRTC but I maintain that's a tough nut to crack and you need
a deep wallet to participate-not everyone can play in WRTC)


Sure, there are probably still some some slight advantages to being in the
Maritimes/New England or G/EA/CT as far as nearby population densities goes,
but look at Al, CE1/K7CA, Lloyd/KH6LC, Al/KL7NO,  or Herb KV4FZ and the
excellent scores they amass by simply having a nice station and working some
far away stations.  You need not work as many.  It's all about the distance.


To keep it fresh, I like to try a different slant for every Stew.  LP, QRP,
HP,even Mobile a few times. You name it.


I would have no trouble at all competing head-to-head with FB stand-up guys
like Frank VO1HP who's RX antenna is what, 75kms(?) he can beat his
neighbourhood noise.  Now..if Franks antennas were atop Signal Hill or in
the Azores, maybe I would not see it the same way, but under
100km/62miles..c'mon guys...that's completely fair and he was most up front
with it.


Guys in the Black Hole of the USA work TopBanders on both Coasts.  East
Coast Jerks (a phrase I believe coined by W5OZI of 6m fame) work other New
Englanders/Maritimers for practically no points and if they get lucky, they
work some EU and black holers.  Disadvantaged W6's/7's work some Black
Holers and also VK/ZL and JA's. Perhaps they get lucky and snag VY2ZM or
some of those weird VE9 guys for some juicy points.  EU's works tons of each
other and some ECJ's.  Everyone wins !


CU in the Stew.  The fairest contest around.


Mike VE9AA FN66




Mike, Coreen & Corey

Keswick Ridge, NB


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