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Topband: BOG questions

Subject: Topband: BOG questions
From: Artek Manuals <>
Date: Fri, 23 Aug 2019 08:55:12 -0400
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I am in the process of experimenting with an RBOG .. I have seen in several places that  BOGS are "self-terminating" and as such have an optimum length (on 160M) of something on the order of 200-250 feet. Longer BOGs supposedly have degraded directional properties for lengths shorter and longer than this.

How important is matching the feed point impedance? I am led to believe that this can vary widely  with BOG "installation". Main installation Factors being; soil conductivity and ground placement ( in ground, on ground. on grass, etc). re there other factors to consider?

How would I go about "measuring" (not modeling !!)  the self terminating length for my given conditions. N/S I am limited to 200'  but E/W i can go up to 350'.

Finally though technically not a topband question. How "directional is a typical 200' BOG on 80 & 40? Or is an 80M BOG ideally 100' long and at 200' the directional capability is degraded?



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