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Powerline safety

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Subject: Powerline safety
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Date: Wed, 12 Feb 97 19:24:02 EST
An excerpt from the Amateur Radio Newsline #1017 07 FEB 1997:
(it sounds useful, I haven't check it out -- Tom)

                        POWERLINE SAFETY ON THE WWW

   A Georgia ham has set up a site on the world Wide Web dedicated to
promoting safety in dealing with overhead power transmission lines.

   Andrew Funk, KB7UV is the Assistant News Operations Manager at WAGA
television in Atlanta. For the past year he has been working on safety
guidelines for those involved in Electronic News Gathering.  This, as a
result of reports from around the country where engineers and reporters
were hurt or killed when the mast of a news gathering van was inadvertently
extended into overhead power lines.

   While the guidelines were developed primarily for broadcasters, Andy
believes that this material might be of interest to Radio Amateurs as well
since the powerline contact accident procedures were developed in
cooperation with the safety department of Georgia Power.  You can find it
by taking your computer over to the Internet and then going to


courtesy of Andrew Funk, KB7UV.

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