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Subject: [TowerTalk] Another unusual tower
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Date: Fri, 2 May 97 19:11:01 EST
The towertalk group seems to always meet the challenge when a mystery 
tower is described, so here goes with another one...

I have seven sections of galvanized tower, each about 20' long.  The legs 
are 1" diameter and 8" apart.  The sections have horizontal plate every 
24-3/4" (total of 10 of them) with a small lip on the outside (making it 
obvious which way is up). The plate extends about 1/2" beyond each leg and 
has a rounded outer edge.  Each plate has a 3" diameter hole in the middle 
(for cables or a mast?).  There is one diagonal brace made of 1/2" angle 
stock between each horizontal plate, one on each side of the section, 
between each plate.  The legs extend 9" beyond the end plate on each end, 
making the section a total of 20' long.  

The sections are attached together by using a small "coupling" section.  
Each one is 18-1/2" long and slips over the 1" legs on ends of the 20' 
section.  Three bolts are used to connect a piece of angle stock together 
on each end of the 20' section and the coupling section (yes, a picture of 
this would help) - so there is a coupling between each 20' section.

It looks like climbing this kind of tower would be fairly difficult and 
unpleasant with two feet between plates (steps) and no way for both feet 
to fit between the legs on one side!  Oh yes, this all came with a 20' 
homemade wooden ginpole that I won't ever use...   

Does this sound like anything familiar to anyone out there?

                                        73 Tom

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