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From: (frank fong)
Date: Tue, 18 Nov 1997 05:23:05 PST
>> Just don't ask me about starting our roof/eve on fire back in 
>> during a contest from a broken open wire feeder. Oops.
>> Have a good day and 73,
>>Tom, N6BT

>Hi Tom.  Been there-done that!  I used a end fed zepp years back, and 
>night I was on 20 working some DX, and my son came in and said the tree 
>was on fire.  The feeders were touching a branch, and started a fire.  
>Also one time they got against the door jamb and burned a couple of 
>grooves in it.  Those wires can start fires, thats fer sure!
>Tom W7WHY

Hello Tom(s):

What power level were you using at the time? The end of my dipole is 
quite close (but not touching) to a tree in my back yard.

Frank VE3FLF

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