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[TowerTalk] Full Sized 40M Yagi Sources

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Full Sized 40M Yagi Sources
From: (Larry R. Babb)
Date: Tue, 25 Nov 1997 09:57:26 -0700
I would like to remind everyone that HyGain has a 40 meter beam as
well.  The newer Discoverer series is redisgned and is a good
performer.  I had intended to build a 40 meter beam, based on the
computer aided designs that are in the ARRL Antenna Handbooks, but when
I realized the length of the full sized elements, I replaced my older
HyGain 402BAS with the newer designed Discoverer 7-2.  It is
significantly different than the older version, and I have been very
happy with it.  They also offer the third element to make it a 3 element
40 meter beam.

Bill Fisher - W4AN wrote:

> I thought I would summarize what I have found so far.  I have not made
> a
> decision as of yet.
> 1.  M2 - Makes a 3 element full sized yagi on a 4" boom with 3" center
> elements.  Rated for 125MPH survival.  Weighs 350lbs or so.  Cost
> $2500
> They have also offered to custom build a yagi on a 3" boom with
> survival
> to 100MPH for the same price.  It's more work for them to custom make
> an
> antenna, thus the price.
> 2.  F12 - Doesn't offer a full sized 40M yagi but I have been talking
> with Tom about a custom job using the parts of the elements he uses
> for
> the EF80 80M rotary dipole.  Price not determined yet.
> 3.  DX Engineering - Bill is out of the antenna business but is still
> doing switches and phasing boxes.  He did say that he would build a
> 40M
> yagi since it did not require the insulators that he used on all his
> other yagis (that became expensive).  Cost: $2500   He is not doing it
> full time any more and said that I would have to be patient with
> delivery.
> 4.  Texas Towers - Sells the aluminum and Gerald offered to help me
> with
> the design of the elements and the boom.
> It's amazing to me that nobody sells a full sized 3 element 40M yagi
> that
> isn't a custom job, oversized job, or part time job.  I know it's a
> limited market, but there are more people making 2 element 80M
> solutions
> than they are 3el full sized 40M solutions.
> I think each of these sources have their positives and negatives.  I
> can't say which is best.  I would say this is an individual decision
> and
> I would suggest doing your own research on the subject.
> 73
> Bill, W4AN
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