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[TowerTalk] Telrex Rotor Oil?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Telrex Rotor Oil?
From: (Steve Maki)
Date: Sun, 29 Aug 1999 01:48:21 -0400 wrote:
> I have a telrex rotor with a 1/3 hp motor into a gear reduction box.  On the 
> side of the box it says fill with "600W Oil" on a plate.  In the the manual, 
> it says fill with "#20 non-detergent oil"  I am not familiar with either of 
> these classifications.  Anyone out there have any ideas?

Non-detergent single-duty oil is often specified in applications where
the oil is rarely changed.  My guess is that it is a more stable product.

It can be found at most auto supply stores.

I use 80/90 wt. gear lube in my Telrex because I've got a slow
bottom bearing leak - the heavier oil allows yearly refilling
instead of monthly.  A slow leak isn't all bad - it keeps the
chain oiled!

Steve K8LX

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