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[TowerTalk] C3S Tuning - Followup

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Subject: [TowerTalk] C3S Tuning - Followup
From: (Barry N1EU)
Date: Sun, 29 Aug 1999 11:02:13 EDT
Just wanted to share the follow up with my C3S.  Got it raised up on the 
AB577 to 50ft yesterday with Phillystran top guy sections.  It's really 
performing well - amazing performance out of the li'l guy.  Mechanically I'm 
very happy with the AB577, T2X with big mast adapter sitting right on the 
AB577 top post, and the C3S right above the T2X.

Bottom line is that the 10m resonance didn't shift at all in raising the 
beam from 30ft height.  Good news is that the SWR at 28.0 came down a bit 
from 2.5 to around 1.9 to 1 which I can sure live with for now.  Only 
resonance to shift was on 20m which dropped by about 100khz.  Max SWR across 
all of 20m and 15m is 1.5

I used the multiconductor 18AWG direct burial (sprinkler?) cable that Davis 
RF and the Wireman are selling for subsititute use as rotor cable.  Nice 
stuff, I recommend it - tripled it up for the 2 motor lines with 12 
conductors total available.

Thanks to the TT gang for the help all along!
73 & enjoy the band openings,
Barry  N1EU

<< Hoping to get some tips from folks who have been there with their F12 
C3/4 tuning on 10m.  My C3S 10m resonance refuses to go lower than 28.8, 
even with the 10m driver extended "one hole" beyond factory drilling....>>

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