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Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2001 12:28:37 EDT
My wife is highly reactive to such stings - to the point of carrying an 
Tried the meat tenderizer - did "some" good.
She got nailed by a BUFF sized one at a lake, while camping once - tried the 
commercial Bleach treatment - WORKED GREAT on her.
Seems to work fairly well on me too.
I think some people's systems' react differently to things than others, Deer 
Fly's seem to get me worst than anything else. Them things bite and infect!
Try everything Until you find the one that works the best for your body...Has 
anyone tried hanging one of those "baited traps" up near their rotors? Lot's 
of neighbors around here use them and the nests that we do get always seem to 
be far away from them, when we do find one. These use that pheromone (sp) on 
a cotton swab as the bait and seem to work as advertised. Yellow, about 10" 
high, unscrew to add the bait, and hang from anything - trapping the BUFF's 
within to die. DON'T get the stuff on you or your clothes when placing! They 
need to be baited fresh every spring, so move you tower maint to that time of 
year - we do them around mid-May or early June up here in the northland.

73's - Mel Frost - KD7DCR

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