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[TowerTalk] Shack Equip grounding - Summary

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Shack Equip grounding - Summary
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Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2001 03:06:18 EST
First, thanks to: Pete/N4ZR, Ed/W3NR, David/K1ttt, Ed/W5TM, Steve/K7LXC, 
Billy/AA4NU, and Tom/W8ji for their rapid responses and info. I will try and 
provide a summary here of same, while adding some more info now known, etc.

To "clear-up" some of the blanks left in my initial posting:
ALL coax does connect via bulkhead 259's back to the single point ground 
I am a Low Power station for now, perhaps a few years, 100 watts max.
I DO have a tuner and it does have balanced line input from my dipole + coax.
Balanced line has a "spark plug" connection device outside on ground system.
Bal line will also have a DPDT knife switch that will shunt incoming lines to 
Main coax from tower has inline arrestor attached here, outside, as well.
VHF/UHF coax connect to ground only via the plate on the wall, very short/low 
SOME of my devices only use "wall warts" for power, only have 2-prong plugs!
Entire station will power via a computer grade protector on the power line 
ALL coax will be disconnected and shorted to gnd, power plug will be pulled 
when NOT OPERATING - Bal line switch will be thrown to gnd side.
Rotor lines are quick connected in the shack, disconnected and shunt to gnd.

That should have cleared up some of your "IF, ANDS, BUTS" questions, etc.

About half of you say "this grounding is already taken care of through the 
power cord connection to the power service, 3-prong, etc".

The other half say " OK, do it that way or anyway you can - using cover 
screws and ring connectors, etc, back to the single point plate".

Some said that doing so "might" setup a "ground loop" and would not be good.

Many of you focused on my Telco comment. THANK YOU. 


Since I will have some RF to contend with when on the low bands, using the 
dipole and the tuner via bal line, I am now thinking that a "selective" 
grounding of boxes may be more in order here. Will wait and see, etc.

My radios and some of the equipment do have ground connections provided, they 
will be connected as specified.

My "wall wart" items are what concern me now, mostly for RF reasons when on 
the tuner. Perhaps this will end up being a make/break ground connection used 
only when on the low bands...or? I'm thinking of a king sized banana plug on 
the plate.

The TELCO side of things got a second look - on my part....ended up taking my 
interface box away from the wall outside. Found the dang gnd wire - it comes 
from within my house which has copper pipes about 18ft away from that wall. 
Attached to another ground wire that is hidden within our buried cable (6 
pair cable) at a "blind" connection point that you can't see if you just open 
the box. Hence the confusion to start with....advice rec from telco must have 
been their "canned" statement w/o any understanding. Anyway - will now cross 
tie with my station ground array which is only about 5 ft away! I can drill a 
hole to pass the wire and then calk it back up.

I think this finally puts everything to rest - my thanks to all for helping.

Mel - KD7DCR

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