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Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2002 15:51:25 EST
This "deep thread" about modeling ant has been a great help in showing me 
just how much about "tech details" I still have to learn - thanks to all.

My question:
Some time ago, like 4 or 5 years, I read a short article about a unique 
ant/radiation mode that a ham was testing here in the USA. It involved 
visible and near-visable "light" spectrum wave lengths. He stated that he 
home brewed some gear and fed it into his existing ant (which I think was a 
commercial yagi design).

Then, the article took an unexpected twist - there was a knock at the door 
from some "men in black" government types saying shut down or else! It did 
not go into explanations as to "why" he should do this - just do it. I think 
it went on to say that they came back and confiscated everything he had 
"laying around in the open," etc.

But, he had another set of notes and test results somewhere. And, it closed 
with a statement about "watch for further developments" from the East, it may 
have mentioned Japan - I just don't remember it that well. This may have been 
in a late 90's issue of "73" mag - but, I read many sources each month and 
may have mixed this fact with others. I seem to remember that the ham was in 
the upper Midwest or great lakes area of the US.

Has anyone on the list seen anything about such experimenting and/or results?
Thanks in advance to all.

Mel Frost

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