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[Towertalk] Rats with wings!!! BATTLE with the BIRDS.....

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Subject: [Towertalk] Rats with wings!!! BATTLE with the BIRDS.....
From: (Lee Noonan)
Date: Tue, 23 Jul 2002 11:31:32 +1000
The town of Muswellbrook pop 12,000  have  had a problem with Starlings
nesting in the trees in the Main Street at Dusk and besides the terrible
noise.... a very dirty SMELLY residue on the pavement...... Earlier this
year they Covered all the trees with anti bird netting... Most of the Trees
were only around 15-20 feet high.... [ This anti Bird netting is being used
to cover acres of apple trees, grapes,etc... ]   It wouldn't look too pretty
on an antenna.... BUT it sure would stop the birds.... It would have to be
supported slightly above the antenna elements.....  So if You ran dacron
rope (what I use) to each element (I already use it to support the Boom of
the 8 element HF Yagi)  and draped the anti bird netting over it and tied it
to the ends of the elements..   Maybe it wouldn't have to be supported on
the elements... Just off the boom....
I think it would work.... If You haven't seen anti bird netting.... its a
pale -off white-yellow--cream  color made of nylon or similar (would be UV
stabilised for VK) and the holes are about 1 1/2 - 2" (I hadn't taken much
notice of it before Hi Hi) and should be very light weight .....
Anyway something to think about....  It would have VERY LITTLE   wind
resistance .... but  VERY HIGH  Bird Resistance
 ..... Hi Hi....
Lee Noonan VK2LEE

PS. Our Main problem here is with Galahs [large pink Cockatoos] that NOT
only weight a lot, but love chewing on Anything, especially cables on
antennas. One VK told Me that his HF Yagi was covered in these large
birds... So He clapped his hands, and naturally they ALL TOOK off at the
same time.... and His Yagi is now sadly , badly Bent.....  Lee

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