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[Towertalk] Importing radios and related equipment from USA

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Subject: [Towertalk] Importing radios and related equipment from USA
From: (Mike & Coreen Smith)
Date: Tue, 27 Aug 2002 17:28:33 -0300

Good advice!
For years I think the number I used was:
8527 39 10 00
I haven't the faintest idea what EXACTLY the number means but at least I was
never dinged duty on
any radios that came from our friends to the south.

Mike VE9AA

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Subject: Re: [Towertalk] Importing radios and related equipment from USA

> I just received via Canada Post two shipments from Burghardt in South
> Dakota.  One was a roll of Phyllistran (sp?).  It was given the
> classification "8527290000 radio receiver without tape".  The other was
> grips and thimbles for the Phillystran.  It was classified as
> "9503900060 17 Craft Items".  In both cases there was no duty but there
> was GST and PST and a $5 brokerage charge.
> I have a Force 12 C4 on order, coming via UPS.  The way to avoid having
> to pay UPS brokerage fee is to do the following:
> 1.  Don't have it shipped by Air.  If you do, the brokerage is included
> in the quoted shipping cost.
> 2.  Have the vendor write, "Clears own" in the Special Instructions on
> the waybill and also on the Canada Customs documents.
> 3.  Have the vendor send you the UPS tracking number as soon as they
> have shipped it.
> 4.  As soon as you get the tracking number, phone local UPS office, tell
> them the tracking number and state that you want to clear it yourself.
> 5.  When the shipment arrives UPS will phone you and ask if you want
> them to take care of Customs clearance for you.  Instruct every member
> of your family and yourself to say, "NO".
> 6.  Now you will have to go to the UPS office, pick up the customs
> paperwork, take it to a Customs office, get them to OK it, pay the pound
> of flesh (PST & GST), take the paperwork back to UPS and they will hand
> your stuff over to you.
> Is it worth $50?  Hell, yes.
> Where did I get this info from?  UPS
> Does it work?  It did the last time I tried it (last summer).
> Hope this helps.
> de Jim Smith    VE7FO
> Chris BONDE wrote:
> > Andy:
> > From my experince,  if marked "amateur radio equipment only" on the
> > waybill and blading plus the description of the goods, then there
> > should be no duty.  However, the taxes will be levied. GST orHVT etc.
> >
> > Go to your library or to the government site.  Try to find the class
> > subclass of the goods, to be armed at the border.  Also check out the
> > RAC.CA site.
> >
> > Donot let the vendor ship across the border via UPS.  UPS will do it
> > to you.  From all the experinces and stories, they are bad news for
> > going across the border, last I heard minimu CA$50 for their inhouse
> > border brokers  to look at the package.  Better to use the post
> > office.   The best is if you can have it delivered to a site near to
> > the border, pick it up yourself.  Now, I was told not to open the
> > package until I was at the Canadian border.  But the Canadian customs
> > said not true, but that was this officer.  I am not sure now after the
> > WTC what would be the best method.  Ask the Canadian and US customs
> > whether to open or keep closed the package.  Fear you might pocket
> > some stuff.
> >
> > Further, check out with the US on whether you can obtain a duty and
> > tax rebate when taking it across the border out of the country.  I
> > know in cases you can when taking the goods out of Canada.
> > (especially the GST)  (sometimes all GST for US visitors)
> >
> > Chris opr VE7HCB
> > So, check out, checkout.  Best bring across the border yourself and
> > know the customs classes etc for the goods.  Generally, no duty for
> > "experimental radio equipment".
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