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[Towertalk] Hy-Gain Explorer 7-3, Ring Rotor questions

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Subject: [Towertalk] Hy-Gain Explorer 7-3, Ring Rotor questions
From: (Jon Zaimes AA1K)
Date: Wed, 04 Sep 2002 12:36:27 -0400
One of my top boom support cables on a Hy-Gain Explorer 7-3 snapped. These
four cables are attached on the director and reflector elements, 10 inches
out from the center of the boom.

The manual specifies these be attached to the mast 5 feet above the boom.
They are steel -- I'm not sure if it is stainless or galvanized -- without

If the mast connection point is higher or lower than 5 feet, will this
affect the tuning of the elements?

If the cable is changed to a nonconductive material (such as Phillystran),
will this affect the tuning of the elements?

Also, I am getting ready to mount this beam on a TIC 1022 Ring Rotor (on
Rohn 45, where it has been fix-mounted toward Europe). Since the Hy-Gain
boom-to-mast bracket also serves as the coupling for the boom, I am
planning to use some spacers (likely treated wood) to keep the boom high
enough off the ring-rotor cradle so the bracket clears the cradle. The
boom-to-mast bracket will also then be used to support a 5-foot mast to
which the boom support cables will be attached.

If anyone has used this type of mount, or has other thoughts on mounting
this beam on a Ring Rotor, I wuold appreciate your ideas.

73/Jon AA1K

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