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Good posts by N5OT and K7LXC.

I want to add my 2 cents, but these guys have hit on every lesson-learned
that I can think of.  All I can say is Amen!

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> writes:
> > When suspending an antenna from a tram line usually the biggest hassle
> >  for me has been that when you get to the top the antenna is "trapped"
> >  under the tram line which often is NOT on the mast above the target
> >
> >  To overcome this you have to be able to undo the tram line before that
> >  final lift vertically of the antenna.
>     True enough. This is one of the 'learning curve' items. There are two
> options.
> 1) Mount the tramline higher up on the mast. WARNING: mounting it too high
> has its own risks if the mast isn't suitably strong enough; i.e. water
pipe or
> aluminum. If in doubt, use a backguy. As you increase the tension on the
> tramline, check the mast from the side to see how much deflection you've
got. If
> everything is rigged correctly, the antenna will hit the mast so that it
can be
> bolted in easily. Sadly, this doesn't happen very often.
> 2) Install the antenna in 2 steps. The first step is to get the antenna to
> meet the tower or mast somewhere - it's not important where. Secure the
> to a convenient spot using slings and carabiners. Slacken and then
> the tramline. Once it's out of the way, you can use a comealong or move
> haul line as high on the mast as you'd like and then the ground crew can
> it up into place. Since it's going to be a dead vertical lift and not
> like the tramline, any mast should be able to handle it.
>     Method #2 is more time consuming but works everytime.
> >
> >  By using a gin pole as the pulley at the top of the line that pulls the
> >  antenna up the tram you can also use it to act as the booster to get
> >  antenna to its destination.
>     I'm not a big fan of using a ginpole for this operation. First, a
> meant for dead vertical lifts so any sideways force is discouraged. And
> it's another bunch of hardware at the top of the tower that'll probably
> get in the way. You can always use the mast since it's basically a fixed
> ginpole anyway.
> >
> >  The critical thing to watch for though is NOT to have the gin pole
> >  extended much above the clamp as you are putting horizontal pull on the
> >  gin pole... this is not what it is designed for... so... if the top of
> >  the gin pole is low it is not much help as far as the final boost.
>     It's redundant since the mast is already there. This is assuming, of
> course, that the mast is long enough to be of any use. Always make your
mast a
> couple of feet longer than you'll need and it'll be useful for any tower
> type situation.
> >
> >  I use a clevis at the top of the tram line where it attaches to the
> >  tower or mast - the end of my tram line has a permanent eye on it and
> >  once it is slack, it is easy to undo by removing the pin of the clevis.
>     Clevises, or shackles, take 2 hands to use and have 2 parts that take
> 5-10 seconds to install or remove. A carabiner is one-piece and can be put
> instantly with one hand - both major advantages over clevises. If you're
> using clevises, you're working too hard!
> Cheers,
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