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Subject: re: [Towertalk] Flex well hardline
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Date: Mon, 5 Jan 2004 07:07:21 -0700
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Julio wrote:

>I have searched the internet and was unable to find information on Flex
Well hardline.
>I also am in need of connectors for the FLC 12-50 type. It measures 5/8" in

It's "flexwell" - all one word. This is 1/2 inch (referring to diameter of
the outer conductor), 50 Ohm hardline.

FLC12-50J is an older part number for what is now sold as LCF12-50J by Radio
Frequency Systems (RFS).  Specifications on the cable can be found at  From that site, you should be able to find RFS part
numbers for the proper connectors (e.g. RFS 738804 is a UHF Male connector
for the LCF12-50J).

FLC12-50J/LCF12-50J is virtually identical to Andrew Corp LDF4-50A, and
connectors from either manufacturer should be able to fit the other's cable.
I haven't personally verified this.

You will find the Andrew connectors occasionally on Ebay - about $5 used,
$15 new is a typical price.

I've bought new RFS connectors from Davis RF ( - about $25
each or so.  There is about a month lead time, since they don't stock the
connectors and must order from the manufacturer.

A search of the archives for this list or web search will also reveal
several different homebrew approaches.

73 de Bill N7VM


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