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[TowerTalk] Cable lubricant comments

Subject: [TowerTalk] Cable lubricant comments
Date: Wed, 7 Jan 2004 12:06:20 EST
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Howdy, TowerTalkians --

    Here's some feedback from Les Nuhn, NN6K, about PreLube 6 - the cable 
lubricant recommended by wire rope manufacturers and carried by Champion Radio 
Products -  <A HREF="";></A>. 
Tnx, Les!

Steve      K7LXC
Champion Radio Products

>>  Hi Steve:

I want to let you I am very impressed with PreLube 6.

It was applied to my wire rope lifting cables & pulleys the day after New 
Year's Day by my tower man who had been there the day before to repair a broken 
element on the KT34XA.

I was concerned the PreLube would spray all over the place ... thus wasting 
it ... so he wrapped a plastic bag over the cable, then cupped both in his 
hand. He sprayed very small amounts at a time ... and as I stood off to the 
in the bright sunlight, could actually see it ... like a droplet, spiraling 
downward as the wire rope above it became saturated and gravity caused the 
downward flow.  It worked great as when the circling droplet stopped, he would 
reposition himself about another 6 feet lower on the tower and repeat the 
I have plenty left over albeit he used it on a 3 section 55' crank up.

Previously, I applied it to the wire rope on the winch and was amazed at how 
fast it was absorbed into the strands. It reminded me of a wick dipped in 
Kerosene as far as absorption was concerned.

So ... in a nutshell, I think it's a very, very good product and would 
recommend it to anyone.

BTW ... the tower is a Tristao TX-455 of 1980 vintage. I've had it up since 
then ... and the finish still remains excellent. I live about 8 miles east of 
San Diego Bay and the Pacific Ocean as exposure to salt air is concerned. The 
wire rope & pulleys are original. The XA is also from that 1980 time and the 
Balun needed replacing just once. It was a Lexan Bracket on the read driven 
element that fractured ... and when I discovered the damage, was suspended in 
air by just the one phasing strap. I am on my 3rd T2X with the tower. The Coax 
has been replaced once. >>


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