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[TowerTalk] Re: BPL article lacks insight

Subject: [TowerTalk] Re: BPL article lacks insight
From: Didier Juges <>
Date: Fri, 09 Jan 2004 11:50:17 -0600
List-post: <>
At 07:17 PM 1/8/2004 -0800, you wrote:
>Gary, et al:
>This author of the ComputerWorld Article needs to get
>a copy of the following article that just hit the ARRL
>It light of this article and others describing the real world
>performance of BPL systems, it kills me when I then read
>comments like the following one from from Mr. Birnbaum,
>the BPL Industry rep quoted in the ComputerWorld article
>(whatever he is smoking, I want some):
>>>>> "If it turns out I'm trying to make a device or sell a
>device that would cause interference anytime it's
>used, it kind of belies logic that I could raise money
>to do that," Birnbaum said. <<<<
>It doesn't belie logic when you continually lie to your
>investors. These hucksters gambled that they could shove
>this pile of crap technology into the marketplace and that
>the shear momentum and public desire for more broadband
>choice would run over and drown out the complaints from
>currrent HF spectrum users.

It is just like these people who move next to an airport, with planes and
all, fully aware of the nuisance, and a couple years later think it's too
noisy and file suit to have the airport shut down.

It sounds stupid, but it works most of the time.

That should be a warning for us that just because this technology is so
blatantly flawed, it does not mean it is doomed. Far from it. 

As you pointed out, if it builds enough momemtum, our pro-business
government agents will find a way to justify and legalise it.

Didier KO4BB


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