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RE: [TowerTalk] noise flow analysis?

To: "David Robbins K1TTT" <>,"'Towertalk'" <>
Subject: RE: [TowerTalk] noise flow analysis?
From: Jim Lux <>
Date: Fri, 09 Jan 2004 11:35:04 -0800
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At 05:22 PM 1/9/2004 +0000, David Robbins K1TTT wrote:
Amazing what you can find on google:

"Noise flow" references:

That one is about analyzing noise and timing jitter in VLSI designs. Not applicable to BPL type analyses

That one is about comparing the "spot noise" technique to using oil films for airflow visualization in a wind tunnel. I have no idea what the spot noise technique is, although I am familiar with the oil film approach. Not even vaguely connected to BPL

Oceanography? Acoustics again. By the way, analyzing the nonuniformities in the noise field is a good way to detect things trying to hide, without using active sonar.

About bypass capacitors, and filtering noise on PCBs... No BPL relevance there (except perhaps for making sure the customer premises equipment meets Part 15?)

"Substrate Coupling and INterconnect Noise in Mixed-signal and High Speed Digital ICs"
Seems more like the first reference..

noise-flow diagrams:

This one is about acoustic noise...and identifying paths for acoustic noise flow. Probably not totally applicable to RF noise which has a different propagation method.

> >Somebody help me out here. I've worked with obscure technologies
> >for 30 years or so...what's 'noise flow'?
> >

So, nothing even remotely relevant to doing a "noise flow" analysis for BPL.

Here's my guess:

He meant to say: "Noise Floor", which would make sense.


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