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[TowerTalk] beams too close?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] beams too close?
From: Dave NØRQ <>
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2004 14:34:03 -0600
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I would like to add a 2 meter CW/SSB yagi to my tower, but am concerned
about it being too close to existing antennas.

Right now, on a 60' tower, I have an HF beam (Force 12 XR-5, 18' boom, 10
through 20 meters) just above the thrust bearing, and 7 feet above that, at
the top of the mast, I have an M2 6M5X (6 meters, 5 elements, also 18'
boom).  Is it feasible to add something like an M2 2M9SSB (2m CW/SSB, 9
elements, 12' boom) halfway between the two???  Obviously, I don't want to
hurt the performance of the HF or 6m beams.  A little interaction is OK, but
having them royally mess each other up wouldn't be good.

It sure would be nice to get a decent 2m horizontal beam up around the 65'
mark, but if this really isn't a good idea, I could mount it on a little
tower at about the 30' mark.  However, I figured 65' in a less than ideal
spot would be better than a better spot at 30'.  I'm not too concerned about
the 2m beam pattern -- if it works half-decently, it will be fine.  I am
more concerned about hurting the HF/6m stuff.

Comments appreciated!



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