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[TowerTalk] Help Please Trying a different dipole no poles

To:, (Bob M.)
Subject: [TowerTalk] Help Please Trying a different dipole no poles
Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2004 09:53:22 EST
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Ok I'm still reviewing what antenna I can get up in a over 50's village in
Australia.  east coast...  they do not like different... unless it's the
body corp committee...

Looked at stealth options, Foil lining under tiles prevents in roof loop be
talked away from vertical for wide bands coverage.

I'm looking at dipoles but in a slightly different way  no poles...

What if I were to run the wires along the Ridge capping tiles.

I have two options one is in an L  at 45-315deg magnetic then 2nd
leg at 315 deg end 225 - 135deg magnetic.

           _______   NNE
           |     x
8 mtrs  |
           |                  x is aprox location of rig in house.

Then I would be able to Silicon the Coax to the ridge capping then
run the feed in under a tile through the foil down to my rig with a

Has anyone tried this before??

Regards Bob M.

See:  for "Self Supporting Towers", "Wireless Weather 
Stations", and lot's more.  Call Toll Free, 1-800-333-9041 with any questions 
and ask for Sherman, W2FLA.

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