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[TowerTalk] AlfaSpid rotators. Was: Comparison between Tailtwister and Y

Subject: [TowerTalk] AlfaSpid rotators. Was: Comparison between Tailtwister and YaesuG-1000SDX rotors
From: Alan Beagley <>
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2004 08:02:49 -0500
List-post: <>
The AlfSpid looks as though it is designed to bolt to a mast at the bottom rather than to a mounting plate. How will you go about mounting yours, and in what tower? I am thinking of an AN Wireless tower.

Alan AB2OS

On 02/16/04 12:09 pm put fingers to keyboard and launched the following message into cyberspace:

Charles, I'm obviously jaded, but my suggestion is neither. I'd go with an AlfaSpid worm gear rotator. Same price, more torque, no brakes to break, computer controllable, electronic presets. I have one turning a 3 el 40M yagi and I love it. I'm planning on selling my spare Ham IVs and buying Spids to replace those up in the air when they crap out, and they will. Check it out; I'm confident you'd be pleased if you purchased one. Phil KB9CRY

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