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Subject: [TowerTalk] Amidon Inc.
From: Chuck Counselman <>
Date: Wed, 12 May 2004 22:42:03 -0400
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I have bought about $2,000 worth of ferrite beads, toroids, cores, etc. from Amidon (now d/b/a/ Amidon Inc.) within the last few years; and I have recommended Amidon as a source of ferrite products to many hams, individually and via four email lists, including this one.

Now I warn _against_ buying from Amidon, because I have had problems with _three_ of my last seven orders. These problems began two years ago, about when Dr. Bob Yuan and his family began running the company.

The first problem occurred in 2002 with an order for ten FT-240-61 toroids, which arrived loose in a hollow cardboard box, with no packing material. Since ferrite is brittle, like glass, naturally half of the toroids had been shattered. After I complained and returned the fragments (at my own expense), Amidon replaced the broken toroids; but Ms. Julie Yuan never stopped _insisting_ to me that the breakage was entirely the fault of UPS and that Amidon had properly packed the toroids. To "prove" her assertion she told me "We are audited and we are an ISO 9000 company." (Did she mean 9001?)

I guess she meant that, since I am not audited and I am not an ISO 9000 company, I had to be lying when I said that the toroids had been shipped loose in a box with no packing material.

The second problem occurred three months ago with an order for 25 "snapit cable beads." Only 24 pieces arrived, packed egg-crate-style in four rows of six snapit beads. There was no 25th piece -- not anywhere in the package. When I complained about the shortage, Ms. Yuan would not send me the missing piece (for which I had paid) because, she said, their inventory check showed no overage; and "We are audited and we are an ISO 9000 company."

I guess she meant that, since I am not audited and I am not an ISO 9000 company, I had to be lying when I said that there were only 24 pieces in the box.

The third problem occurred two weeks ago with an order for 25 toroids, Amidon p/n FT-240-43. Today when I had received nothing, I telephoned Amidon. After taking my name, etc., etc., the so-called customer service rep. said barely intelligibly that Amidon had no record of any order from me, no way, not _ever_. I persisted, naming the person (Ms. Julie Yuan) who had taken my order, repeating the date, the exact time, and other particulars; and finally she allowed me to speak with Ms. Yuan.

Ms. Yuan said that she had a "note" showing that she had canceled my order (and apparently also deleted all records of my existence) because my credit card was "no good." That there was any problem with my credit card was news to me, so I checked with my card-issuing bank. My bank claimed (FWIW) that no charge to my credit card had been denied, and in particular that no attempt by Amidon had been denied.

After I related this to Ms. Yuan, she changed her story. Now she said that I had given her a different credit-card number. But I had _emailed_ all my order information, including my credit-card number, to her; and I had retained a copy of that email message, which now I read to her. There was no error in this message; and the credit-card number was correct. She did not dispute this, but changed her story yet again.

Now she said that there had been a problem with my order, so she'd asked someone to call me; that this person had called me and left a message; but that I'd never called back. I told her that I have been at the tel. no. I'd given her, that day, and every day; that I have both an answering machine and a Caller-ID box; that both machines would have logged the call if it had in fact come; that I'd neither heard nor seen any such call; and that therefore I doubted that it had occurred. I asked to speak to the supposed caller; she refused. I asked when the call had been made; she refused to tell me because, she said, that was "confidential information" which she could not disclose. I asked why, if the telephone call had been made to me as she claimed, it should be kept secret from me; but she did not answer. I asked to speak to Dr. Yuan. She said that he was not available. I asked when he would be available. She said he would be "away for four months." I asked who was in charge while he was away, and she said that she was.

She added that "Amidon is a big company"; that she "didn't have time for small orders"; that she is accustomed to dealing with customers who order "thousands of pieces per month, every month," not "amateurs" like me (I have ordered $450 worth of ferrite from Amidon since 1/7/2003.); and she suggested that in the future I should order ferrite from a distributor closer to me. End of conversation.

Sorry to rant so long, but I had to share this with my fellow amateurs to whom it is no longer worth selling.

Tnx es 73 de Chuck W1HIS.

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