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[TowerTalk] Question on guy wires

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Question on guy wires
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Date: Sun, 9 Oct 2005 21:08:31 -0700
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I am in the process of putting up 140' of R45 using a RTS (Rotating Tower 
System) arrangement 
on the top 100'. I have chosen to use 1/4" guys throughout. Unfortunately the 
holes in the floating 
guy rings will not take the 3/8" thimbles specified for the preformed guy 
deadends. Only the next 
size down (sized for 3/16" cable). Of course the next size down is fine for 
1/4" guys alone but when 
used with the preforms your suppose to use one size larger... I have compared 
the two and the radius 
is almost exactly the same - the difference is the wall is thicker and it goes 
out further. Since the 
plates on the guy rings are 1/2" steel I am thinking there is no need to go to 
the higher size on these... 
anyone have any other input on the subject please? We will be at the first guy 
ring (79') tomorrow 
morning so comments are welcome. 

Also .... the bottom set of guys, just below the rotor (at 37'), go through the 
top rung of the tower - 
both of the steel tower rungs that are welded to the leg. This is how it is 
shown in the ARRL antenna 
book...i.e. no thimble used.... does this sound - well sound? Should I be 
worried about the point 
pressure on the guy from these 2 rungs that it is pulling against or is the 
steel high enough strength
that it is not a worry?




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