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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] winch recommendation
From: Wayne Kline <>
Date: Thu, 8 Nov 2007 15:03:49 -0500
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> > How about a garden tractor? Used my John Deere LX176 to pull my> TA-33 Sr. 
> > with 40M adapter kit up the tram lines.> Of course, there are no doubt some 
> > antennas that would consider> the JD as merely a counterweight and reverse 
> > the process ;>)> > Barry - W1HFN
 Funny you should say that. Back in the early 90's I went to buy a 90' Rohn 45 
tower that was use to transfer data of River Levels of Susquhanna River in 
southern NY state. Well This owner got it when it was de commissioned Long 
story Short i made arrangement to go pick up the tower ( he said he wanted to 
disassemble it because of liability.) I arrived just in time to see three men 
hanging on and tugging on the guys to release pleasure on the equalizer plate. 
with two set of guys attached  at the other  anchors and a   Power King Garden 
Tractor tied to the top turnbuckle of the remaining guy point, they were 
tugging on  causing the hole tower ect to osculate. Not believing what  I was 
witnising  I now picked up my pace down he hill from the barn area, waving my 
hands, yelling STOP whooooo  and just then the Owner knocked  out the bolt that 
attached the equalizer plate to the ground rod.  in a millisecond the tower 
leached and the rope grew taught and all was good. I was now 150 ft from the ( 
three stooges) and Uncle Chas as he was called put the tractor in gear and 
moved forward, You have no idea had events unfolded in a hurry. @ aprox 70 deg 
to 60 deg. the tractor was now being drug at an ever faster rate of Speed, Chas 
i his infinite wisdom abandoned ship and rolled out of harms way, The Thud of 
the tower hitting the ground and the flying fiberglass from the two station 
masters was a site to behold,  but the bright red/orange  Power King was the 
icing on the Cake as it flipped end over end and went over the bank down the 
hill and lay half way in the River.   >  As the dust was settling the owner 
turned to the guys A big half toothed  smile  from ear to ear  Shouted " FAR 
OUT MAN". .Needless to say I did not buy the tower even after the assurance 
there " got to be a few good sections there some  were "
Sorry for the long tirade but the tractor counterweight comment made me do it  
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