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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Rohn 25G Tower
From: Wayne Kline <>
Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2007 11:16:53 -0500
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Years ago Hams would say " If it stayed up last winter it was not BIG enough.  
I like the idea BUT i think they left out a key ingredient, The BIG support 
structure to support it. Today in age with the ridged practice of Code 
enforcement and the Litigious society, straying out side the MAnufactures  
engineered guidelines is IMHO risky on many levels. Not only the liability 
aspect  but the danger to your self or those in close proximity. I to have 
installed and repaired  towers of all types. and the issue here is not can I 
plant 40 ft of Rohn 25G with a tri band antenna  TA33,A3, C3 ECT but is this a 
sound installation.
     IMO while stacking 25 with no temp guys 30' it's the start of the  pucker 
power area,  as it sways around let alone 40 ft and then installing an antenna, 
drive pipe ,rotor and cabling . Can it be DONE yes, is it a good practice ... 
I can only speak for my self.   But When I speck out an installing , it's  "BY 
let's be honest, can we push the envelope of the SQ footage on antenna load. 
Yup. BTDT.  the flip side of this and  I think that's what started this Thread. 
" I plan on doing this what's you opinion"  It's  NOT advisable to skimp in the 
Guy level spacing or material, the base size or the guy  %  placement from the 
base, or Free standing capabilities ect.  Can it be done Heck yes,  is it sound 
install NO.
Wayne W3EA 
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