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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] HDX555 update.......
From: Wayne Kline <>
Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2007 16:45:01 -0500
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Congrats Roger
  Makes you feel like a kid on Christmas.. Santa brought a new toy !
 Now the painfull part comes.. waiting till the base is cured enough to finish 
your install.
 GL   Wayne W3EA

> Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2007 13:57:27 -0600> From:> To: 
>> Subject: [TowerTalk] HDX555 update.......> > Well, 
> I couldn't wait. The HDX555 arrived here on a mogo sized flatbed semi-trailer 
> at 10 AM this morning. We had it off the trailer in a few minutes. No problem 
> using the BobCat with forks. We laid the tower gently on the side of the 
> yard. Surveyed it and decided to, what the heck, put this guy up at its 
> minimum height for now. We had the BobCat to 3:30, so times a wasting. My son 
> went over and gently laid the tower next to the base. We checked the level of 
> the T base again, and adjusted it right on. Cranked down the big nuts and 
> slowly moved the tower over to the base. After a little wiggling back and 
> forth with the BobCat, we had it ready to go down between the vertical 
> supports of the base. We had greased the tower and base where they would 
> slide together to make things go smooth.We lined up the bottom bolts, hand 
> tightened the nuts and then decided this was it. We used the BobCat to slowly 
> raise the tower vertically and within literally a few minutes of slow going, 
> we h> ad the tower up. Put the bolts in and tightened the nuts and it is now 
> standing. Nothing prettier than a new tower glistening in the sun.> > Roger> 
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