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Re: [TowerTalk] To Choke or Not to Choke?

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] To Choke or Not to Choke?
From: jimlux <>
Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2009 08:15:55 -0800
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> I've been seeing all these articles about the Palomar, Hy-Gain, etc.
> baluns and ferrite cores are not good, like they advertise. So who is
> it that sells these special "Fair-Rite" cores?

I don't know whether they're good or not good. There's no question that 
some of the sellers with long-time ham reputations (Amidon, Palomar) are 
charging a substantial markup over the price from one of FairRite's 
distributors. Sometimes it's because they're willing to sell in onesie 
twosie quantities and the distributor isn't.

In any case, you can go to FairRite's website and get a list of local 
distributors.  Jim K9YC's writeup gives the Fairrite part numbers (as 
opposed to the FT240-31 style part #, which is a retail identification)

Something to keep in mind, too, is that distribution channels and 
sophistication is always changing.  More and more manufacturers are 
making it more convenient to buy small quantities, so the role of the 
small retailer is changing.  For instance, Fairrite now lets you check 
distributor stock online.

#2631803802 is the 2.4" #31 toroid

Mouser has em in stock at $7 each, and shipping might be a bit pricey.

I've bought this sort of thing from Lodestone Pacific in the past, but 
they do have a minimum order quantity.

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