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My dad ran Bartlett Tree who serviced all of the AEP lines in
SW Virginia and their engineer said they put 7 feet of a 35 foot
pole in the ground in the late 50s. Sounds like your TELCO poles
had lighter loads and thus put less in the ground than power poles.


Barry, W5GN

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Is amazing that you get anything  built.  so I transposed  A Ad hoc formula 
Email That I'm sending from my Telephone Yeah. Yes it should be one foot down 
for every three foot up For a wooden pole. Read my page And let's see if you 
can do what I've done With what I have.Thank you guys for nothing. One of these 
days I'm gonna learn That's These Newsgroups Are useless.

## I worked for the local telco for 34 years.  heres the formulae for wooden 
poles...used since day 1..and used across  canada and the usa..and still used 
today. .     Depth into ground =   10% of the height above ground..PLUS 2 feet 
IE:  for a 40 ft pole above ground, depth into ground  = 4 + 2 = 6 ft.    For a 
30 ft pole its 3+2 = 5 ft.    For a 100 ft pole its 10+2  = 12 ft.   For a 20 
ft pole its  2+2 = 4 ft. 

##  For elevated guy anchors radio towers  whole different ball game, since the 
 steel tubes are into concrete.    wooden poles are NOT into concrete.    1st, 
u didn’t tell us what kind of 100 ft tower your buddy has.  next we have no 
clue of the total windload
on the tower. 

##  A friend in wash state has a  100 ft of rohn 45... with several yagis on 
the top and on the sides.   He used 6 inch OD tubing, sched 80,  implanted 6 
feet into the concrete..and 6 ft above the ground.   Hole in grnd is  3 ft 
square and 6 ft deep.  Just over 2 yards of concrete used.     Steel plate, 
aprx  2 ft square is welded to the bottom of the 6 inch tube.    Then 4 x 
rocket fins welded between  lower portion of steel tube and the base plate.    
Entire mess was hot dipped galvanized.  4 inch wide x 12 inch tall  x 1/2 inch 
thick steel plate is  welded  to side of steel the top.   Holes punched 
into the 4 x 12 plate..... b4 welding.    holes used for  guy anchor 
terminations.    Concrete dumped into hole.   Vibrator used  on the concrete.   
 NO back guy required.  The tube is shimmed slightly such that its JUST 1/4 
inch back from dead plumb.     Ok, once concrete dried.....the inside of the 
steel tube is  filled with concrete.   u do a bit at a time..and its tamped 

##  he had the above config designed by a professional engineer.   Been up for 
years, doesn’t budge.   held everything from  stacked optibeams to monster 
steppir   to m2  4 –el 40m yagis.   snow loads, ice loads..and high winds.  
zero problems.  

##  other friend has 190 ft of rohn 55 up.  14 yagis on the rotating 
tower..including 80m yagi on top. .  3 x elevated guy anchors used.    But 
these are 10 inch diam,  sched 80.   Same deal with base plate and rocket fins. 
 5 ft square x  6.5 ft deep  concrete base.   tube is 7 ft above grnd.
inside of tube filled with concrete.  Tube is slightly  out of plumb by 3/8 
inch.    no back guy used.   Welder stuff some steel plate inside the top of 
the tube and welded that in.... to beef it up a bit more.   4 x sets of guy 
wires.  Guy anchors in that case are  175 ft out from the base of the tower.   
been up for several years now.   Doesn’t budge.    The base of the concrete 
hole can be flared a bit..and ditto with the rebar.    That increases the  
strength by a bunch.   typ base flare is  an extra 1 ft on all 4 x sides.... 
and starts  18 inchs up  from the bottom.  

later............ Jim   VE7RF


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