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[VHFcontesting] KG9PF Rover Jan VHF/UHF

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Subject: [VHFcontesting] KG9PF Rover Jan VHF/UHF
From: imok1@mc.net (Mark)
Date: Thu Jun 19 16:44:00 2003
This was our first ever rover. What a great time!!!!!!!

Operated from 10 grids EM59/69, EN50/60/51/61/52/62/53/63. What a great
time. Not enough time in EN53/EN63 as we missed tons of Q's having to
leave early to get back to Chicagoland...

We need a better antenna on 2m and need to add 902 & 2304. We will have
this in place for our next rover.

I screwed up the scoring and thought we got mults for contacts in new
grids... Learned that it is unique grids, regardless of which grid we
were in.... that kinda shot down what I thought our score was, however
we are still very happy with the results....hoping for a high finish!

If you are interested, some photos are up on our website,

Here are the numbers...

6M             147              147                      12
2M             287              287                      21
1.25M        113              226                      15
70cm          152              304                      14
1.2g             44               176                        8
                  743              1140                     70 + 10

Final claimed score.......91,200.


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