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Subject: [VHFcontesting] RE: 50mhz Antennas Question...
From: hazy119@westelcom.com (James Hayes)
Date: Thu Jun 19 16:44:02 2003
50mhz reflector

First of all let me thank all of those who replied.
Secondly, excuse my Freudian slip of calling Steve by the name of Paul. Was
talking with a friend whilst typing and his name is Paul.
I have amassed quite a bit of info regarding my plight, in that some of the
material was not discussed in the publications I have in my library,. (ARRL
handbooks, YM 3.11, QST, CQ and others).
My goal was and is to try and eliminate the need for unnecessary climbing of
the tower and optimum gain from a modest terrestrial station, which is
primarily used for contesting and the limited ragchewing that occurs here in
the NNY Section. I find that by way of your contributions and the texts as
well as YM 3.11 that K1FO's recommendations offer the optimum
characteristics I am looking for in my system, without the confusion of
other experimental testimony.
Again thank you all for your input.

Jim, N2YEV
Plattsburgh, NY

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